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Legal Tender Coins

The United States Dollar remains a strong currency today and is one of the primary currencies used in most international transactions. U.S. currency is also popular with collectors who determine the value of a piece based on its condition, rarity, demand, and mintage. American Mint offers a wide selection of U.S. currency to bring unique value to your home collection today.

Our collection of old American coins for sale includes items you can use as legal tender, meaning they meet the U.S. Treasury requirements for fulfilling "all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues." While you're certainly free to spend our legal tender coins in any manner you wish, you'll probably want to experience the pride that comes from owning these beautiful collectibles.

Our selection of legal tender coins includes:

  • Silver Eagle: First minted in 1986, American Silver Eagle coins remain among the most popular U.S. pieces for collectors and non-collectors alike. The inspiration for the unique Silver Eagle design is the renowned "Walking Liberty" 1916 silver dollar.
  • Presidential Dollars: We offer several sets of presidential dollars that pay tribute to some of our most distinguished commanders-in-chief, including Lincoln, Adams, JFK, and Washington. Our 2015 Presidential Dollar Set features coins depicting eight presidents in brilliant, uncirculated condition.
  • Commemorative Quarters: Take a trip back in time with our stunning Gold Liberty Head and Indian Head Quarter Eagle coins from the early 20th century. You'll also find quarters commemorating the great states of New York and California.
  • Uncirculated: Our legal tender coin selection includes rare individual coins and sets that have never gained widespread circulation, making them hotly pursued collectors' items. Examples include the World War II D-Day 50th Anniversary Silver Dollar and the George Washington Presidential Coin Tribute.
  • Commemoratives: Our collection of commemorative coins features distinctly designed pieces that pay homage to notable historical events (World War I & World War II), landmarks (Statue of Liberty), legislation (Bill of Rights), and figures (Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, JFK) that shaped our great nation.
  • Antiques: We also offer very old U.S. coins for sale that were minted as far back as the Civil War era, an excellent choice for collectors of antiques.


Check Out Our Entire Selection of Legal Tender Coins

Please take a few minutes to review our current offerings of old U.S. coins for sale that make fantastic collectibles — assuming you choose not to use them as legal tender! Many of these items feature deeply discounted prices that will appeal to collectors and non-collectors alike.

Browse our stock of legal tender coins below.