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Thomas Jefferson Coins

Page through any U.S. history book that covers the founding of our great nation and you're sure to find numerous mentions of Thomas Jefferson. Known as the primary drafter of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was perhaps the wisest of all the Founding Fathers. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Jefferson began his career practicing law in his native Virginia. A man of many interests and disciplines, Jefferson's pursuits included religion, philosophy, mechanics, architecture, and horticulture, to name a few.

After America gained its independence from the British, Jefferson became the United States Minister to France and served as the nation's first Secretary of State under George Washington. He was also vice president for four years and served as our third president from 1801-1809. Key accomplishments during the Jefferson presidency included the Louisiana Purchase and the sponsoring of the Lewis and Clark expedition, both of which were instrumental in the growth of the fledgling nation.

Our Thomas Jefferson Commemorative Coins Honor This Distinguished American

At American Mint, we're proud to pay homage to one of the most important figures in the annals of American history by offering a selection of beautiful Thomas Jefferson commemorative coins for sale. Part of our Presidents Collection, our Jefferson pieces include:

  • Thomas Jefferson Commemorative Gold-Plated Coin: This luxurious, silver-plated piece features a depiction of Jefferson and an expertly crafted 24K gold-layered inlay containing a replication of his signature. The reverse includes a detailed image of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Issued in 2007, this stunning proof-quality coin is a favorite among Jefferson aficionados everywhere.
  • Thomas Jefferson Second Amendment Commemorative Coin : This Thomas Jefferson coin recognizes the 225th anniversary of the Second Amendment, which resulted in large part from Jefferson's insistence that all Americans should have the right to bear arms. The special-edition piece is exquisitely layered in 24K gold and includes a depiction of Jefferson on the obverse with a tribute to the Second Amendment on the reverse. Issued in 2016, we've limited the minting of this unique item to only 9999 collections worldwide.

Our Jefferson Coins Deliver Exceptional Value for Your Money

As part of our commitment to offering high-quality collectibles at a reasonable price, you can purchase our Thomas Jefferson commemorative coins online at an extraordinarily low cost. Ordering your Jefferson coin is easy — add the item to your shopping cart and complete the simplified checkout procedure.