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Colorized U.S. Currencies

Colorized Presidential Coins

Enhanced coins are genuine legal tender that has been enhanced—either with gold layering, colorization, or a keepsake display—with a distinctive design that pays tribute to historical events, national monuments, historic coins, or prominent persons such as presidents and pioneers. The expert application of color highlights the unique features of the piece and makes it stand out from others in a collection.

Today, American Mint offers an extensive selection of enhanced coins to add beauty to your home collection. Our compilation consists of beautiful colorized presidential dollar coins that honor the legacy of leaders such as Reagan, Obama, and Washington. You will also find a captivating piece that pays tribute to Sitting Bull, the head of the Lakota Nation who led the resistance against restrictive U.S. government policies in the late 19th century. All our coins display the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that distinguishes American Mint pieces from our competitors.

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