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Gold-layered U.S. Currencies

Gold-Layered Coins

Enhanced coins are genuine legal tender that has been enhanced—either with gold layering, colorization, or a keepsake display—with a distinctive design that pays tribute to historical events, national monuments, historic coins, or influential persons such as presidents and pioneers. Today, American Mint offers an extensive selection of enhanced coins to add beauty to your home collection.

Honor America by Purchasing Our U.S. Minted Gold Coins

American Mint is proud to feature a broad assortment of enhanced gold-layered coins that pay homage to the people and events that have made America the greatest nation on Earth. Examples include:

  • Gettysburg Address Coin Tribute: This immaculate two-piece 24K gold-layered set consists of an authentic 1963 Lincoln penny that honors the 100th anniversary of perhaps the most famous and influential political speech in American history. You will also receive the proof-quality Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Commemorative Coin. We've limited the production of this one-of-a-kind set to only 20,000 complete collections worldwide.
  • Colossal California Gold Rush Commemorative Coin: We can't think of a better way to pay tribute to the historic California gold rush of the mid-19th century! Luxuriously layered in 24K gold, this piece also offers a magnificent silver-plated engraving of Sutter's Mill, the Coloma, California, sawmill where the discovery of gold set the "rush for riches" in motion.
  • Sacagawea Dollar Inlay Coin: Our selection of U.S. dollar gold coins includes an authentic Sacagawean dollar layered in 24K gold expertly inlaid into a beautiful commemorative piece. The coin depicts a stunning three-quarter profile of Sacagawea, the legendary Shoshone woman who provided invaluable guidance to the Lewis & Clark Expedition in the early 19th century. The piece also displays haunting Native American imagery that enhances its mystique.
  • George Washington Presidential Inlay Dollar Coin: Yet another shining example of our eye-catching U.S. dollar gold coin collection, this piece features a detailed gold-layered inlay of the Statue of Liberty into a larger commemorative coin bearing a breathtaking depiction of the "Father of Our Country." This "Brilliant Uncirculated" coin also includes the Stylized Seal on the reverse side.
  • $1 Eisenhower Commemorative Inlay Coin: This U.S. dollar coin honors the Eisenhower Dollar, one of the most coveted coins in American history. The piece features a 24K gold-layered inlay of the original "Ike" coin minted from 1971-78.


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