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Ancient Coins

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Ancient Coins

Finding an ancient coin buried in your backyard or washed up on the shore is an exciting discovery, but few collectors ever get to experience this fortuitous event. With American Mint’s hand-picked selection of historic coins, now you too can add a genuine piece of rare coinage from ancient Roman and Greek civilizations to your collection.

Our selection of beautiful ancient coins for sale will take you on a captivating historical journey. Examples from our collection include:

  • The Widow's Mite Coin Tribute: The Lesson of the widow's mite is the biblical story that tells how a contribution from someone who has little to give offers much more meaning than one made from surplus wealth. Our two-coin tribute to this poignant bit of wisdom includes a genuine bronze prutah minted between 103-76 B.C. and our proof-quality commemorative coin that's luxuriously plated in silver with spot gold. You can also purchase the latter item separately if you prefer.
  • Drachma of King Azes Ancient Silver Coin: This authentic silver coin dates back to the time of Christ. It derives its name from King Azes II, the revered ruler of Bactria who is said to have offered gifts to the Baby Jesus. It's believed that this coin was issued between 57 B.C. and 5 A.D., making it well over 2,000 years old.
  • Treasure Chest of Historic World Coins: If you'd love to become the proud owner of an extensive collection of fabulous world ancient coins all at once, this item is for you. You'll receive a handsome wooden chest containing more than two pounds of ancient coinage — several of these pieces may be 200 years old. These coins have various points of origin. For instance, some were obtained from sunken ships, while others were confiscated under "dangerous" circumstances.


You'll Get Exceptional Value for Your Money at American Mint

Our collection of ancient coins and expertly crafted ancient coin replicas serve as an example of our ongoing commitment to offering high-quality collectibles at reasonable prices. Every piece we sell has either been selected or created by our team of experts who have a passion for providing the best products to our customers. And with our affordable prices, we make it easy to accumulate a fantastic collection of ancient coinage you'll be proud to display in your home, office, or place of business. We hope you derive as much pleasure from your coins as we do in bringing them to you!

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Please take a minute to browse our current selection of beautiful ancient coins for sale, and check out our incredibly low online prices. When you're ready to order, select the items you wish to purchase, add them to your shopping cart, and complete the fast and secure checkout process.