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Banknote Coins

Banknote Coins

Banknotes, also known as bills, currency, or paper money, are negotiable promissory notes issued by banks and payable on demand to the bearer. There have been various incarnations of banknotes in the U.S. over the years, including gold and silver certificates in numerous denominations. Several banknotes of the USA have become popular collector's items, many of which hold tremendous monetary value.

A Banknote Coin From American Mint: The Next Best Thing to Owning a Rare Banknote

If you're a fan of historical U.S. currency notes and coins, then you'll love the extensive selection of beautiful banknote coin items available for sale at American Mint. Our commemorative banknote coins and ingots pay a fitting tribute to some of the most notable certificates — and the leaders whose images they display — in the history of our great nation. Examples of banknote coin offerings include:

  • 1875 $100 Declaration of Independence Commemorative Color Coin: Regarded as one of the most attractive American banknotes ever produced, the 1875 version featured a striking reproduction of John Trumbull's painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Luxuriously plated in silver, our beautiful coin features a captivating full-color inlay of the note.
  • 1922 $500 Abraham Lincoln Banknote Commemorative Coin: One of the rarest certificates ever issued by the U.S. Treasury, this banknote included a depiction of our 16th president. Our magnificently gold-layered coin consists of a stunning full-color inlay of the note on the obverse, along with a detailed portrait of Lincoln.
  • $100 Benjamin Franklin Banknote Commemorative Coin: Expertly minted from a precise combination of copper and nickel, this gorgeous piece contains a highly detailed inlay of the Franklin $100 bill enhanced in brilliant full color. Issued in 2001, we've limited the production of this piece to only 9999 complete collections worldwide.


We Offer Our Banknote Coins and Ingots at Reasonable Prices

At American Mint, we make collecting coins and ingots that depict the banknotes of the USA affordable for everyone — many are available at deeply discounted online prices. To order your coins, add the item to your shopping cart and complete the fast, secure checkout process.