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Civil War 150th Anniversary

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The Civil War was a bleak event in United States history. It was a time of grief and bloodshed, but it was also a time of bravery and leadership as men fought to protect their rights. American Mint celebrates the 150th Anniversary of this historic event with a selection of Civil War-themed commemoratives honoring the heroic leaders on both sides of the conflict.

Our assortment of Civil War gold coins pays homage to Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee. Any true Civil War aficionado will also want to purchase the gleaming 24K gold-layered Sheridan's Valley Campaign Colossal Commemorative Coin, with depictions of the Battle of Cedar Creek commanders William Tecumseh Sherman and Jubal Early. There's also a stunning, lifelike pewter figurine of Lee, as well as three-piece precious metal sets paying tribute to the Confederate leader and his adversary, Ulysses S. Grant.

Our Civil War commemorative coins also include a tip of the cap to the conflict's turning point, the Battle of Gettysburg. The Action on McPherson Ridge Commemorative Coinportrays General John Reynolds and his efforts to reinforce Union lines during the three-day struggle. Our Gettysburg Address Coin Tribute is a two-coin set, also featuring an authentic 1963 Lincoln penny, which was issued in recognition of the 100th anniversary of perhaps the most famous, influential speech by a political figure in U.S. history.

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American Mint is the best choice for anyone seeking a high-quality Civil War coin or coin set at an affordable price — in fact, many of our items are available at a substantial discount. Order your Civil War commemorative coins today!