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Commemorative Presidential Coins

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When the framers of the U.S. Constitution created the presidency, they envisioned it as an office of high prestige — but relatively little power. Article II of the Constitution stipulates that the president will serve as the head of the executive branch. However, our Founding Fathers had the foresight to authorize the formation of the judicial and legislative branches as part of a system of checks and balances — primarily to prevent the president from becoming a tyrannical ruler.

Despite these "limitations," the President of the United States is regarded as the most influential leader in the entire world. Over the course of our nation's history, our presidents have been instrumental in shaping domestic and international policy and serving as commander-in-chief during times of war.

From George Washington all the way down to Donald Trump, the Presidents of the United States of America have always held a strong fascination for the American public. Even if you disagree with their politics, few can deny that each of these men has exuded strength and a noble quality as they performed their duties as leader of the United States.

American Mint Honors the Legacy of the Office With a Series of Presidential Commemorative Coins

American Mint offers a wide variety of Presidential-themed commemoratives to honor these illustrious men. Our American Presidents coin collection consists of a wide selection of affordably priced pieces any avid collector or true fan of the leaders who have had the privilege of holding our nation's highest office would be proud to own. All our presidents' coin pieces feature high-quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and impressive attention to detail that make them one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be cherished for generations.

About Our American Presidents Coin Collection

Our collection includes items that will suit the tastes of just about any presidential aficionado. We offer presidents' coins that pay homage to some of our most respected leaders, such as JFK, Lincoln, Washington, FDR, and Reagan. The collection includes:

  • U.S. Mint Presidential Dollars: Our U.S. presidential dollar coins are a byproduct of the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 and are widely regarded for their impressive design and unmatched attention to detail.
  • Presidential Gold Coins: Our president gold coins include pieces made from .585 and 14k gold, as well as several items luxuriously layered in 24K gold.
  • Silver Presidential Coins: If you prefer silver, you'll appreciate our assortment of pure silver and immaculately silver-plated offerings.

You'll also find pieces that recognize the significance of monumental events surrounding the presidency, such as the Donald Trump Oath of Office Commemorative Coin, a piece that commemorates our current U.S. President's inauguration, and even a set that celebrates Lincoln's birthplace.

American Mint: High-Quality Coins at Reasonable Prices

All products in our American Presidents coin collection will deliver exceptional value for your money. We make quality the top priority in every minting, and many of our items are available at deeply discounted prices. You'll also receive a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies the coin's size and materials and also includes intriguing facts about it. What's more, you will experience the pride that comes with owning a one-of-kind collectible you'll be thrilled to display in your home or office.

Order Your Commemorative Presidential Coins Today

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