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1896 $5 "Presenting Light" Banknote Commemorative Coin

  • Full-color reproduction of the very rare banknote
  • A brilliant tribute to historic American currency
  • Luxuriously plated in .999 pure silver
  • Available

Total: $99.95

In 1893, the federal government sought to create a new series of banknotes that would break away... more
1896 $5 "Presenting Light" Banknote Commemorative Coin

In 1893, the federal government sought to create a new series of banknotes that would break away from the past designs that were fairly standard. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing requested thata select few artists submit their ideas for the new notes. The work of those artists culminated with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing selecting three designs. The government issued these designsin 1896.

The banknote designs from 1896, named the Education Series, portrayed and celebrated technology that appeared in the 1800s. Among those three winning creations is the $5 "Electricity Presenting Light to the World" banknote. Its unparalleled beauty meant the $5 note was considered a masterpiece then and is still one today.

Grecian-inspired figures adorn the note and represent electricity, which had been harnessed by the 1870s. The artwork displays the significance electricity had in bringing a shining light to the world. The note also depicts defenders of the Union,Ulysses S. Grant and Philip Sheridan. This iconic banknote is among the most prized and valuable currency from our nation's past. Admire its iconic and beloved details in this 1896 $5 "Presenting Light" Banknote Commemorative Coin.

Introducing the 1896 $5 Banknote Commemorative Coin
The 1896 $5 silver certificate commemorative coin features a full-color reproduction of thebanknote's two sides as well as embossing with details of the "Presenting Light" artwork. This gives you a better look at the remarkable detail that went into creating this historical banknote.

The reverse features an eagle, proudly extending its wings. Below the eagle is a ribbon detail that says, "United States of America." Above the eagle are the words "Silver Certificate." The coin also has a beautiful decorative border.

Order Your 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Commemorative Coin Today!
American Mint is your place to get an 1896 $5 banknote commemorative coinfor your collection or as a gift for a fellow collector. Feel as though you're holding a piece of history in your hands with the full-color reproductions of this iconic and rare banknote. Minted to proof standard - the finest quality produced - this commemorative coin will shine among your other pieces.

Limitation: 9,999 complete collections
Weight: 54 grams
Material (details): Copper, silver-plated with banknote sticker
Diameter: 50 mm (Approx. 2 in.)
Obverse: 1896 $5 "Presenting Light" Banknote
Reverse: Silver Certificate
Finish: Colorized
Material: Copper
Quality: Proof
Issue year: 2010

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