1922 $500 Abraham Lincoln Banknote Commemorative Coin

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regularly $89.95

Now only $ 4.95
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  • Highly detailed portrait of President Lincoln
  • Full-color reproduction inlay of the 1922 $500 Gold Certificate
  • One of the rarest gold certificates in history of the U.S. Treasury
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Product description
Issued by the U.S. Treasury from 1865 to 1928, gold certificates were a paper currency which could be exchanged for an equivalent amount of gold. The $500 Gold Certificate was the most popular denomination of these valuable pieces of paper, thanks in most part to the great man featured on the banknote: President Abraham Lincoln. In 1933, the private ownership of gold was banned and most $500 Gold Certificates were confiscated. Today, fewer than fifty of the 1922 $500 Gold Certificates are known to exist.
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Material Copper
Weight 54 grams Issue year 2009
Measures Diameter: 50 mm (Approx. 2 in.) Quality Proof
Reverse Gold Certificate Obverse $500 Abraham Lincoln Banknote
Finishing Gold-layered Weight Copper, layered in 24k gold
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