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U.S. Currencies

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U.S. Coins for Sale

The United States Dollar remains a strong currency today and is one of the primary currencies used in most international transactions. U.S. currency is also popular with collectors who determine the value of a piece based on its condition, rarity, demand, and mintage. American Mint offers a wide selection of U.S. currency to bring unique value to your home collection today.

Legal Tender Coins

Our collection includes more than 50 U.S. mint coins for sale that can serve as collectibles or legal tender for financial transactions. Offerings include the perennially popular Silver Eagle, the official silver bullion coin of the United States, and presidential dollar and dollar sets. You'll also find commemorative quarters that pay homage to U.S. states, as well as a variety of uncirculated coins distinguished by their rarity.

We round out our selection of legal tender coins with beautiful commemorative pieces — such as the 1965 JFK Half Dollar and the 2009 Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar — and classic antique coins like the 1865 Three-Cent Nickel minted during the final year of the Civil War.

Enhanced Legal Tender Coins

Enhanced legal tender coins feature augmentation such as gold layering or colorization, or may come with a decorative keepsake display that adds value to their visual presentation. Our U.S. minted collectible coins include an assortment of alluring designs that commemorate historical events like the 200th anniversary of the seminal Lewis & Clark expedition and the nation-shaping Gettysburg Address.

Our enhanced legal tender coin collection also pays tribute to notable U.S. presidents, including Washington, Lincoln, and Obama. Our Lincoln Birthplace Memorial Coin Set is a "must-have" item for all true fans of our 16th president.


If you're an avid coin collector, you likely understand finding extremely rare or centuries-old coins from ancient civilizations is virtually impossible. American Mint is proud to offer an assortment of high-quality replica coins that look just like the real thing. You'll marvel at the high level of precision and attention to detail exhibited by our beautiful replica coins, such as the 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar and the 1793 Chain Cent. Best of all, you can own any of these coins and coin sets without having to spend a fortune.


We also offer limited-edition and trial-run U.S. minted coins that had a relatively short lifespan, which makes them highly sought-after collectibles. Many of these coins commemorate U.S. presidents including Regan, Lincoln, JFK, Obama, and FDR. The collection also includes popular pieces like the One-Trillion Dollar Trial Coin, based on an ill-fated congressional proposal to mint a single platinum coin that could eliminate the national debt and would require no currency backing.

Banknote Coins

Paper money aficionados will want to make banknote coins a part of their collection. Each coin commemorates a specific U.S. currency and the president or statesman who graces its front. Examples include:

  • The Andrew Jackson $20 bill that was unveiled in 2003, the first banknote with a peach and blue background to thwart counterfeiters
  • The $100 Benjamin Franklin banknote coin with its large portrait of the notable Founding Father and three-dimensional security ribbon


This collection is not limited to U.S.-issued banknotes — it also includes the 1000 Francs Swiss Banknote Commemorative Coin that celebrates the world-renowned Swiss banking system.

Our U.S. Mint Collectible Coins Deliver Exceptional Value

Whether you purchase U.S. mint coin sets or individual coins, you will get a high-quality product at a discounted price. Each item also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies the size and materials. We hope you get as much pride from owning your U.S. minted coins as we do in bringing them to you.

Check out our collection of U.S. mint coins for sale and place your order today!