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Military Pocket Knives

From the colonists fending off the British during the American Revolution to the troops around the world fighting the Global War on Terror, America’s military has a long and proud history.

The pocket knife has played an understated, but invaluable role for the U.S. military over the years. Various versions of this versatile cutting tool have been carried by American troops as they executed military campaigns all over the world.

The pocket knife, a variation of the multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife, served our fighting forced well for many years — although it wasn't until the Vietnam War era when these knives were constructed with stainless steel blades to ward off the corrosion, which was an issue with its carbon steel predecessors.

American Mint Offers High-Quality Military Pocket Knives for Sale

Our extraordinary collection of beautiful military pocket knives for sale includes:

  • Robert E. Lee Battle of Chancellorsville Pocket Knife: This battle is widely regarded as Lee's most notable Civil War victory, and this elegant piece pays a fitting tribute to the hero of the Confederacy. The gleaming 420 stainless steel blade features a striking depiction of Lee, along with the place and date of this monumental event in U.S. history.

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