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Wild West

Wild West Bowie Knives

Stories of Cowboys and Indians and shoot-outs at the O.K. Corral have been captivating the imaginations of America’s boys and girls for generations, as something about that lawless, pioneering time speaks to the heart of America’s individualistic mentality. The Bowie knife also played a prominent role in western lore. Named for the formidable 19th-century knife fighter Jim Bowie, the Bowie knife consists of a long blade, distinctive crossguard, and clip point. While primarily used for hunting and skinning game animals, these Old West knives in the hands of a skilled knife fighter were also incredibly lethal weapons.

American Mint Offers a Handsome Wild West Bowie Knife Collection

To celebrate this historical period, American Mint offers a selection of Wild West-themed commemorative knives suitable to show off your rugged frontiersman heritage. These old Western knives pay tribute to notable 19th-century Americans such as Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, and Davy Crockett, renowned for their rugged individualism and fighting prowess. All our "cowboy" Bowie knives feature the expert craftsmanship and close attention to detail that makes American Mint a top choice among veteran and novice collectors alike.

Order Your Wild West Knives at Fantastic Prices!

Many of our Wild West Bowie Knives are available at deeply discounted prices. To order yours, just add the item to your shopping cart and complete the fast, easy checkout process.