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Donald Trump Commemorative Coins

The 2016 election of Donald Trump as the United States' 45th president shocked the political world and the entire nation. The brash New York billionaire, known for his combative style and blunt talk, promised to "Make America Great Again" by changing the way Washington, D.C. operates.

Despite strong opposition from Democrats and others who did not share his vision of America, President Trump immediately attempted to implement his ambitious agenda of economic growth and reforming policies on healthcare, immigration, environmental regulations, and the tax system. One of the most notable accomplishments during the first year of the Trump presidency was getting Congress to pass his comprehensive tax cut program.

America Mint Offers a Selection of Donald Trump Coins

The American Mint Presidents Commemorative coin collection now includes a variety of Donald Trump coins that pay tribute to our current commander-in-chief:

All our Trump coins adhere to the American Mint philosophy of offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity verifying the piece's size and materials.

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