1896 Educational Series Silver Certificates Silver Ingot Set

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  • The most beautiful currency in American history
  • Three historic silver certificates as ingots
  • Strictly limited to only 500 sets worldwide

Product description
Silver Certificate were first issued by the U.S. Treasury beginning in 1878. They were a paper currency which could be exchanged for an equivalent amount of silver dollar coins. These large banknotes were paper currency of unparalleled beauty and often featured intricately detailed engravings of allegorical themes and historical figures. The 1896 series, now known as the Educational Series, was exceptionally exquisite and depicted technology new to the 19th century.

The one-dollar certificate entitled “History Instructing Youth” features a female personification of History directing the eyes of a young man across the Potomac River to Washington D.C. with the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building in the background. Known as “Science Presenting Steam and Electricity to Commerce and Manufacture,” the two-dollar certificate depicts an elder figure representing Science introducing two children – Steam and Electricity – to more mature figures of Commerce and Manufacture. The five-dollar certificate is titled “Electricity Presenting Light to the World” and features the winged female figure of Electricity holding an electric lamp high above her head. She is surrounded by Fame heralding her achievement, Jupiter holding lightning to power the lamp, and Peace rising above the U. S. Capitol.

Available exclusively from American Mint, this exquisite set features solid silver ingot reproductions of Silver Certificates from the 1896 Educational Series. Each ingot is minted to the highest quality “Proof” standard in .999 pure silver. Handsomely presented in a customdesigned wooden box, the set features reproductions of the $1 “History Instructing Youth” note, the $2 “Science Presenting Steam and Electricity to Commerce and Manufacture” note, and the $5 “Electricity Presenting Light to the World” note.
Limitation 500 sets Material .999 fine silver
Weight each 31.1 g Measures Diameter: each 30 mm x 70 mm
Quality Proof Issue Year each 2013
Reverse United States - Silver Certificate Obverse Silver Certificate $1, $2 and $5
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