1933 Gold Double Eagle Ultimate Replica Set

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  • Handsome wood collectot's box included for FREE
  • History’s most expensive gold coin
  • A boxed set of exclusive replicas

Product description
It is the most valuable gold coin in history. The 1933 Gold Double Eagle has an intriguing story to go along with its multi-million-dollar price. One of a handful of Gold Double Eagles that were taken by a Mint employee right before they were to be melted down in 1933, this particular coin was sold privately before the Secret Service could confiscate it. Over the next 70 years, it passed through the hands of an Egyptian King, disappeared during a Secret Service sting operation, survived the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center, and eventually sold for a record 7.59 million dollars.

American Mint proudly presents a stunning boxed set containing three precious-metal-clad replicas of the 1933 Gold Double Eagle. Beautifully presented in a handsome wood collector’s box, this AMERICAN MINT EXCLUSIVE set contains a 24k gold-layered replica, a solid 14k gold replica, and a 24k gold-layered replica accented in pure platinum. All three of these valuable coins are encased in protective shells to carefully protect and preserve them.

1933 Gold Double Eagle Gold-Layered Replica Coin
•Highest quality “Proof ” standard
• Luxuriously layered in 24k gold
• 40 mm in diameter (1.6")

1933 Gold Double Eagle Solid Gold Replica Coin
•Highest quality “Proof ” standard
•Minted in solid 14k gold
• 11 mm in diameter (.5")

1933 Gold Double Eagle Platinum-Accented Replica Coin
•Highest quality “Proof ” standard
• Layered in 24k gold with Lady Liberty accented in pure platinum
• 40 mm in diameter (1.6")
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Material Cu, layered in 24k gold / Solid 14 K gold
Weight various Measures Diameter: 1.6" / .5" / 1.6"
Quality Proof Issue Year 2014
Reverse Gold-Eagle Obverse Liberty
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