Commemorative coin set 'twelve apostles'

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  • A stunning tribute to the 12 apostles
  • With 24k gold-accented portraits
  • Plated in .999 pure silver

Product description
Early in his ministry, Jesus spent the night on a mountain, alone in prayer. When daylight came, he gathered his disciples around him. From them, he chose twelve apostles to send forth, delivering the gospel of the Lord. These twelve men were: Simon, whom Jesus named Peter; Matthew; John; Bartholomew; Thomas; James, the son of Alphaeus; Simon; Thaddeus; Andrew; Judas Iscariot; James, son of Zebedee; and Philip. Through Christ’s teachings, the twelve apostles brought the word of Jesus to the people. He gave His apostles the power to heal the sick, to raise the dead, and to cast out unclean spirits. They stood by His side at the last supper, witnessed His crucifixion, and spread His word following the resurrection. Their mission is a glorious example of how God delivers extraordinary things through ordinary people.

American Mint proudly presents a complete set of exclusive coins features all twelve of Jesus’ apostles. Each exquisite coin is plated in .999 pure silver and features a 24k gold-accented portrait of one of the 12 apostles:

- Simon, whom Jesus named Peter
- Bartholomew
- Matthew
- Thomas
- James, son of Alphaeus
- Simon
- Thaddeus
- John
- Andrew
- Judas Iscariot
- James, son of Zebedee
- Philip

These AMERICAN MINT EXCLUSIVE coins in "Brilliant Uncirculated" condition and are an impressive 2" in diameter. Available for the first time as a complete set, this incredible compilation is presented in a custom coin folder specially designed to securely hold and protect your collection.
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Material Copper
Weight 54 g Issue year 2017
Measures Diameter: 50 mm Quality Proof
Issue Year after 2017 Reverse Last Supper
Obverse The 12 Apostles Finishing Silver-plated
Weight Copper silver-plated with spot gold   
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