One-Hundred-Dollar Banknote Commemorative Coin

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George Washington - Mount Rushmore Commemorative Coin

  • Plated in .999 pure silver
  • Accented in 24k gold
  • Majestic monument that bears Washington's portrait
$ 9.95

Colossal Statue of Liberty Commemorative Coin

  • Detailed portrait of Lady Liberty
  • Accented in the bright colors of the American Flag
$ 9.95

1997 $100 Platinum Eagle Replica Archival Edition

  • Meticulously reproduced from John Mercanti’s design
  • Featuring the Statue of Liberty
  • Layered in .9995 pure platinum
$ 4.95

Heroes and Flags of the Civil War Commemorative Coin

  • Officially endorsed by THE NATIONAL CIVIL WAR MUSEUM
  • Features a highly detailed engraving
  • Layered in 24k gold
$ 4.95

Dagger Whitetail Deer

  • Simulated Damascus blade
  • Natural burled wood grips with genuine Stag Horn
  • Expertly etched image of a whitetail buck
$ 19.95

Lincoln Portrait Commemorative Color Coin

  • Honoring the 250th Anniversary of Lincoln’s historic Presidency
  • Full-color detail of George P.A. Healy’s portrait of Abraham Lincoln
  • Officially licensed by the Smithsonian
$ 4.95

First Amendment Commemorative Coin

  • Luxuriously layered in 24k gold
  • Features a highly detailed image
  • 40 mm in diameter (1.6")
$ 4.95

U.S.M.C. Commemorative Baseball

  • Quality rawhide baseball
  • Features images of U.S. Marines in action
  • With the Marine Corps emblem and their slogan
$ 4.95


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