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Ursa Major Concave Commemorative Coin

  • Stars that form the Big Dipper are highlighted with 7 sparkling Swarovski® crystals
  • Beautifully engraved diagram of the constellation
  • A unique concave profile
$ 9.95

First Amendment Commemorative Coin

  • Celebrating the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Detailed image of an allegorical figure of Lady Liberty
  • An exclusive 24k gold-layered coin
$ 4.95

Donald Trump – Make America Great Again Commemorative Coin

  • Celebrating Trump's mission to make America great again
  • Luxuriously layered in 24k gold
  • With a highly detailed portrait of DonaldTrump
$ 4.95

1933 Double Eagle Archival Edition Commemorative Coin

  • Faithful reproduction of the 1933 Gold Double Eagle
  • The most expensive gold coin in numismatic history
  • Presented in our NumiShield Archival Case
$ 4.95

Colossal Mayan Calendar Commemorative Coin

  • An Ancient Civilization and a Legendary Calendar
  • Beautifully Accented in Full Color
  • Celebrate Surviving the Mayan Apocalypse
$ 9.95

1849 Liberty Head Double Eagle Replica Archival Edition

  • Reproduction of the 1849 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle
  • A 24k gold-layered replica of the first $20 gold piece
  • In our NumiShield Archival Case
$ 4.95

Statue of Liberty 1886 Crystal Inlay Commemorative Coin

  • Lady Liberty’s torch shines with a sparkle
  • Features a highly detailed engraving of Lady Liberty
  • Made with Swarovski® Elements hand-set in the torch
$ 4.95

Gettysburg Address Coin Tribute

  • Featuring two 24k gold-layered coins
  • Speical limited release
  • Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Presidency
$ 4.95


AMERICAN MINT is a reliable source for all your collecting needs. Our diverse selection of products includes commemorative coins, legal tender coins, medals, die-cast models, knives, and more collector’s items. Whether you're new to the hobby and looking for expert advice on how to build your collection, or are in search of something unique and hard to find, we can help.

AMERICAN MINT offers a wide range of select collectibles. Gold and silver coins have been dedicated to an almost limitless variety of themes and every collector will find the right piece for their collection. However, our offerings go far beyond coins. Follow the links on this page to explore our inventory.

Our Products

AMERICAN MINT has one of the largest inventories of rare coins, currency, and other products. In our online store, you'll find:

  • Gold: AMERICAN MINT carries an extensive selection of gold and gold-layered items, including collector's coins, medals, ingots, and more. Our products feature patriotic, cultural, historic, and other themes, just to name a few. Pricing starts at just $4.95, making it easy and affordable to start or grow your own collection.
  • Silver: Silver is used in everything from jewelry to rare coins and currency. Our silver inventory includes products such as Silver Eagle bullion coins and complete legal tender coin sets from all eras of U.S. history. We also offer wonderful silver-plated presidential coins, silver certificate replicas, and other products. 
  • Platinum: Platinum is a precious metal prized for its brilliance, and is increasingly prized by collectors. To serve this growing market, we sell a variety of collectible products, including replicas of the famous U.S. Platinum Eagle and other commemorative U.S. coins. Experience the beauty of these premium products for less with our platinum-plated items. 
  • U.S. Currency: The U.S. Mint was founded in 1792 and has been producing coins in all denominations ever since. Over the years there have been many rare, valuable, and otherwise memorable issues which are highly sought-after by collectors today. True to our name, AMERICAN MINT is your source for genuine and replica U.S. coins. From 19th century rarities to modern collectibles, you'll find it all in our online store. 
  • Commemorative Coins: Our commemorative coins celebrate some of the most noteworthy people, presidents, and events in U.S. and global history. Some of our offerings include coveted treasures like the “Historic American Silver Coin Set,” the “President Kennedy Half Dollar” or the “Benjamin Franklin $100 Commemorative Coin.” We also offer historical U.S. themes like the “Thomas Jefferson Peace Medal Replica,” the lavish “Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Coin” or the “Crazy Horse Memorial Commemorative Coin.” Explore our inventory to find themes of interest to you. 
  • Jewelry: From unique designs to replicas of historically significant pieces, our jewelry collection includes something for everyone. Crafted exclusively for AMERICAN MINT by a team of highly skilled artisans, our products are perfect for anyone who values elegance and craftsmanship.
  • Knives: Coins are not for everyone, which is why American Mint also offers commemorative knives. Our collection includes offerings such as “Wild West” themed collectible pocket knives and bowie knives including the “Buffalo Bill Bowie Knife” and the “Billy the Kid Bowie Knife,” as well as patriotic themes like the “Freedom Pocket Knife” and the “Mount Rushmore Pocket Knife.” We also offer military themes such as our “U.S. Marine Corps Pocket Knife.”
  • Accessories: Our customers know that cataloging and caring for a coin collection can be as exciting as adding to it. That's why we offer an extensive selection of accessories, such as albums, polishing cloths, coin pouches and more.
  • Other Products: Whether you're looking for knives, commemorative baseballs, die-cast models or anything in between, AMERICAN MINT has you covered. Browse our selection of other products for collectors of all types.

Whatever your interests, AMERICAN MINT is your exclusive partner for growing your collection. Together with our affiliates, we supply more than one million customers in the U.S., and more than 10 million globally. Find out for yourself why we're the first choice when it comes to quality products at an accessible price point.

Got a question about any of the classic coins and collectibles for sale in our online store? Contact our office for assistance from one of our team members. Or, browse our products to learn more about each.