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Freedom Bowie Knife

  • The word "FREEDOM" and one of the most famous quotes in American history by Patrick Henry laser-etched on the blade
  • Golden-finished guard and bolster
  • Cold-cast handle is printed with a patriotic image of a bald eagle with the look of hand-tinted scrimshaw
  • Available

Total: $129.95

Made famous by frontiersman and legendary folk hero Jim Bowie, the Bowie knife has become a... more
Freedom Bowie Knife

Made famous by frontiersman and legendary folk hero Jim Bowie, the Bowie knife has become a classic American blade prized by hunters and collectors alike. But the first Bowie knife was quite different from the current image we identify with Bowie knives.

Designed by Jim's brother Rezin and forged by blacksmith Jesse Clift, the original Bowie knife was little more than a butcher's knife with a thin blade that Jim carried in a leather sheath. Jim and his knife gained national notoriety in 1827 in the aftermath of a brawl known as the Sandbar Fight, which erupted following a formalduel between members of two wealthy Louisiana families. Though accounts of the chaotic melee differ, all agree that Jim Bowie suffered several stab wounds in addition to three or four gunshot wounds,but managed to survive thanks to his prowess with his deadly blade. After the infamous fight, Jim never went anywhere without carrying a blade on him.

The Bowie knife became well-known throughout the country and can be found with several variations, but the main details that define the Bowie knife include: a long blade usually 8 to 12 inches in length, a sturdy crossguard to protect thehand, and most importantly, the clip point, which is the upper edge of the blade that curves down to a point and provides stability and handling. Today, the Bowie knife remains a popular and respected piece and has earned its place in the pantheon of classic American weapons alongside other legends like the Colt revolver.

Limitation: 9,999 complete collections
Weight: 13.4 oz
Material (details): 420 Stainless Steel blade, bolster with medaillon
Finish: Golden-finished
Material: Steel
Total length: 12.5 in
Blade length: 8 in

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