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Abraham Lincoln Colossal Commemorative Coin

  • Celebrating the strength and leadershio of our nation's greatest President
  • Luxuriously layered in 24k gold
  • A portrait of President Lincoln in the foreground with a Civil War battle scene
  • Available

Total: $139.95

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1861, the dark clouds of the Civil War were... more
Abraham Lincoln Colossal Commemorative Coin

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1861, the dark clouds of the Civil War were already gathering. After desperate attempts at avoiding conflict had failed and blood had already begun tospill, "Honest Abe" was forced to become the most active Commanderin- Chief in American history. Even though he had no experience in battle or any military training, Lincoln began studying tactics andproved to be a natural strategist and a better master of military strategy than his generals.

The Civil War pitted American against American and, in some cases, brother against brother. Four brutal years of conflict - marked by fierce battles, incredible acts of bravery, and great leadership - ended in 1865 when the Confederacy surrendered to Union forces at Appomattox. Through it all,Lincoln led the nation with integrity and determination - emancipating the slaves, securing victory for the North, and re-unifying the nation.

Today, he is widely regarded as our nation's greatest President.

The AMERICAN MINT EXCLUSIVE Abraham Lincoln colossal commemorative coin is a 24k gold-layered tribute to our nation's greatest President. A colossal 2.75" in diameter, thislimited-edition 24k gold-layered coin is accented with a full-color American flag and inlaid with a genuine deep-blue SWAROVSKI® ELEMENT.

Limitation: 9999 complete collections
Weight: 110 g
Material (details): Copper, layered in 24k gold with pad print and Swarovski
First issued: 2018
Diameter: 2.75" (70 mm)
Obverse: Abraham Lincoln
Reverse: Our Heroes Our Flags
Finish: Swarovski
Material: Copper
Quality: Proof
Period: after 2016

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