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The eagle is a large, dominant bird of prey known for its fierce visage, sharp beak and talons, and exceptional hunting skills. And few things are more awe-inspiring than the majesty of a soaring eagle in mid-flight. No wonder the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States — this magnificent creature epitomizes the freedom and independence that was the basis for the founding of our great nation more than two centuries ago.

Eagle Pocket Knives Pay a Fitting Tribute to This Marvelous Animal

American Mint is proud to honor the legacy of this beautiful, fascinating bird by offering an assortment of expertly crafted eagle pocket knives for sale. A part of our Wildlife Collection, our eagle pocket knife will appeal to novice and experienced collectors, as well as anyone who appreciates American wildlife at its finest.

A highlight of our collection is the 10th Anniversary Edition Bald Eagle Pocket Knife, a 24K gold-layered limited-edition piece that commemorates the anniversary of our original eagle pocket knife product. This one-of-a-kind item features a meticulously engraved "Anniversary Edition" seal on the handle and comes with a handsome display box that provides a captivating presentation.

Save Money by Ordering Eagle Pocket Knives From American Mint

Here at American Mint, we strive to make high-quality collectibles affordable for everyone. You can purchase your eagle pocket knife at a significantly discounted online price. To order yours, add the item to your shopping cart and complete the fast, secure checkout process.