Solid Gold Eagle Replicas 7-Coin Set

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regularly $699.00

Now only $ 299.00
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  • The most important gold coins in American history
  • Seven solid 14k gold replica coins in one set
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Product description
In 1795, the U.S. Mint struck the first gold coin produced for circulation in America: the $5 Half Eagle. This was quickly followed by the $2.50 Quarter Eagle, the $10 Eagle, and in 1849, the $20 Double Eagle. For more than 130 years, Eagles were incredibly popular and well-circulated coins, but when private ownership of gold was made illegal in 1933, the majority of them were melted down. With so few Eagles remaining today, these historic gold pieces are highly coveted by collectors and command high prices when brought up for auction. With American Mint’s Gold Eagle Replicas, you now have the opportunity to add some of the rarest and most valuable gold coins in U.S. history to your own collection.

American Mint has taken 7 of the rarest and most valuable gold coins in U.S. history and reproduced them in solid 14k gold for this exclusive set. Minted to the highest quality “Proof ” standard, these solid gold replicas are presented together in a handsome presentation folder to protect and preserve them.

The set contains:
- 1795 Turban Head Half Eagle
- 1797 Turban Head Eagle
- 1838 Classic Head Quarter Eagle
- 1861 Paquet Double Eagle
- 1861 Liberty Head Double Eagle
- 1929 Indian Head Half Eagle
- 1933 Gold Double Eagle
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Material gold
Weight 0.5 g Issue year 2016
Measures Diameter: 11 mm Quality Proof
Country USA Issue Year after 2016
Reverse Different Obverse Different
Weight .585 gold   
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