Patriotism – Trapper Knife

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regularly $69.95

Now only $ 9.95
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  • Show off your patriotic pride
  • Mother-of-pearl inlaid pocket knife
  • 2 polished blades expertly crafted in 420 stainless steel
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Product description
Patriotism is the very cornerstone of our great nation. America was created by patriots who fought against the tyranny of oppression, sacrificed in the name of freedom, and built the United States of America. From our Founding Fathers to the brave members of our armed forces of today and even the everyday Americans who stand with pride, hand over heart, every time they hear the national anthem – it is patriotism that keeps our nation strong.

The trapper knife is an American icon. It got its name from the early American furtraders who carried this essential tool of the trade. Designed to be used in the skinning and cleaning of game, its compact design made it easy to carry and convenient to use. Today, it is still one of the most popular styles of pocket knives made.

Now, you can show off your patriotic pride with this limited-edition trapper knife available exclusively from American Mint. Crafted in 420 stainless steel, the classic 2-blade trapper knife is expertly etched with traditional expressions of patriotism on both of the razor-sharp blades. The distinctive handle has a gold-layered bolster and a rich, ebony-black wooden grip with faux-turquoise segments of blue and red and genuine mother-of-pearl inlays. This magnificent knife comes in a custom collector's box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Issue year 2,81"
Length open 6 1/4" Blade length 2,81"
Finishing Stainless steel blade Weight Handle: artif. stone & mother of pearl
Variant Handle: artificial stone & mother of pearl   
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