1883 Liberty Head Half Eagle & Racketeer Nickel Set

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  • Racketeer Nickels – the great gold coin deception
  • A boxed set of genuine 132-year-old coins
  • Each coin is preserved in an archival shell

Product description
When famed coin designer Charles Barber designed the 1883 nickels, he depicted the denomination on the reverse simply as the Roman numeral “V.” Because the word “cents” did not appear on the coin and the obverse was similar to the Liberty Head Half Eagle, unscrupulous swindlers altered the nickel by hand-cutting grooved reeds into its smooth edges and gold-plating the copper nickel coins, then passing them off as $5 gold coins. When the Mint learned of these “Racketeer Nickels” they hurriedly added the word “cents” at the bottom of the reverse, closing one of the most larcenous chapters in the history of the U.S. Mint.

American Mint proudly presents a stunning boxed set containing two genuine coins featured in this 132-year-old tale of deception. Beautifully presented in a handsome wood collector’s box, this historic set contains a solid gold 1883 Liberty Head Half Eagle and a genuine gilded 1883 Racketeer Nickel. Both of these authentic coins are encased in protective shells to carefully protect and preserve them:

1883 Liberty Head Half Eagle
•Minted in solid gold (.242 troy oz.)
•21.6 mm in diameter (.85")

1883 Racketeer Nickel
•Copper-nickel 5-cent piece
•Gold-plated with hand-reeded edges in an attempt to pass it off as a $5 gold coin – each coin was individually altered 132 years ago so the wear on the gilding and reeding will vary from coin to coin
•21.2 mm in diameter (.83")
Limitation 1883 pieces Material .900 gold & copper/nickel gold-layered
Weight 8.359 g & 5 g Issue year 1883
Quality Extremely Fine, Very Fine Country USA
Face value 5 Dollar & 5 Cent Obverse USA
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