1850 Baldwin & Co. Ten-Dollar Gold Coin Replica Tribute

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  • The gold coins that paved the way west to California
  • Includes an informative history of Baldwin & Co
  • Original specimens sell for as much as $250,000

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Product description
Baldwin & Co. were jewelry and watchmakers based in San Francisco at the outset of the California gold rush. In 1850, owners George C. Baldwin and Thomas S. Holman purchased coining equipment and began producing their own gold coins.
Known as pioneer gold, privately minted gold coins were a widely accepted form of trade since government issued coins were extremely hard to find on the frontier.

Baldwin & Co. hired well-known local engraver and artist Albert Kuner to design their new coins. For the Baldwin & Co. 1850 $5 gold piece, Kuner stuck to the established “Liberty Head” design by Christian Gobrecht. For the $10 Baldwin & Co. piece, though, Kuner created a beautiful original masterpiece that became known as the “Horseman” $10 gold piece.

It is not known exactly how many “Horseman” $10 pieces were produced in 1850 and 1851. They were widely accepted at face value throughout the California frontier until a scandal shook the public’s trust, eventually destroying Baldwin & Co.

In March of 1851, a publicity-seeker who went by the name of James King of William reported that Baldwin & Co. coins – along with the coins of several other private mints – were underweight and, therefore, undervalued. News spread quickly, causing Baldwin & Co. to cease operations. Those who had Baldwin & Co. coins quickly turned them in, with King’s firm purchasing most of them at a reduced price. What King didn’t anticipate was that the scandal would cause public distrust in all privately minted gold coins. Bankers and merchants began to refuse private coinage and a depression – believed to have been caused by King – ensued.

Today, examples of the 1850 Baldwin & Co. “Horseman” Ten- Dollar Gold Coins are extreme rarities, with only about 15 to 20 believed to still exist. Original specimens of this historic pioneer gold coin sell for as much as $250,000!

In honor of the rare privately minted coins known as “pioneer gold,” American Mint has created an exclusive masterpiece: the 1850 Baldwin & Co. Ten-Dollar Gold Coin Replica Tribute. It features the 1850 Baldwin & Co. Ten-Dollar Gold Coin replica which is minted tothe highest quality “Proof” standard and luxuriously layered in 24k gold.
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Material Cu, layered in 24k gold
Weight 32 g Measures Diameter: 40 mm
Quality Proof Issue Year 2010
Reverse Eagle with Shield Obverse Mexican Horseman
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