Saint Christopher Prayer Ingot

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  • A Brilliant Tribute to St. Christopher
  • St. Christopher carrying the Christ child on his shoulders
  • Full-color image of the Saint

Product description
According to legend, Christopher was a giant man who stood more than seven feet tall. Christopher wished to serve "the greatest king there was" and he met a hermit who taught him about Jesus and the Christian faith. When Christopher asked how he could serve Christ, the hermit told him to use his great size and strength to help travelers cross a dangerous river that had claimed many lives. One day, while performing this duty, Christopher was approached by a small child seeking to cross the river. Christopher placed the child on his shoulders and began to cross, but as they made their way, the river grew turbulent; the child seemed to grow heavier with a great weight, and Christopher struggled. When they finally reached the other side, the child revealed that he was Christ and that Christopher had served him well by bearing the weight of the whole world upon his broad shoulders. He later died a martyr and was venerated into sainthood.

Today, St. Christopher is recognized as the patron saint of travelers, transportation, and storms, and is usually depicted carrying the Christ child on his back.

Meticulously designed by American Mint – in conjunction with the Vatican Observatory Foundation – the obverse of this AMERICAN MINT EXCLUSIVE gold-layered ingot features a full-color image of Saint Christopher carrying the Christ child on his shoulders across a river. The reverse features a traditional prayer to Saint Christopher who serves as the patron saint of travelers.
Limitation 9,999 complete collections Material Cu, layered in 24k gold with padprint
Weight 40 g Measures Diameter: 30 mm x 70 mm
Quality Proof Issue Year 2013
Reverse Vatican Observatory Foundation - Christopher Obverse Saint Christopher
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